Becoming a Member


  Flowchart for Guidlines to Membership in the Northern California Angle Society

“The high level of unadulterated, evidence-based information presented and shared at Angle Society meetings is not matched within any other orthodontic organization. Becoming a member of the Northern California Angle Society was one of the greatest honors in my professional life.”
~ Michael H. Payne

The Membership Process

Orthodontists who pursue membership in the Angle Society must meet a number of requirements and complete a series of case presentations, case reports, and an original thesis. The process is both rigorous and rewarding.

Orthodontists who are interested in joining the Angle Society are invited to attend a meeting. Contact an Angle Member in your local area from our roster.

  Sponsorship Form

Members of the Angle Society strive to promote excellence in orthodontics and foster, support, encourage, and advance the dental profession and the specialty of orthodontics.

After a prospective member has attended a meeting and demonstrated the level of interest and commitment to the ideals of the Angle Society, he or she may be invited to begin the process of becoming a member.

Attaining Affiliate Membership

Prospective members first select a completed case in consultation with their assigned sponsor which meets the qualifications and standards for presentation before the members. The case presentations give candidates the opportunity to review and discuss the records, diagnosis, treatment plan, and the finish results. Angle members typically ask questions during the presentation and offer comments and critiques of the treatment and results.

Affiliate Membership status

Once a candidate has presented the first case presentation, the clinical evaluation committee, the board of directors, and the membership will vote to award the affiliate status. Once accepted, affiliate members have the opportunity and responsibility to attend all the regular meetings as well as the biennial meeting.

Attaining Regular Membership status

Case Reports

Affiliate members continue with the process to become full members of the Angle Society. Affiliates will submit a combination of six retrospective and prospective cases to the Clinical Evaluation Committee for evaluation. These require good records as well as good finished results. We have found that candidates are more successful when they work closely with their Angle member sponsors. Once accepted by the CEC, candidates have the honor of displaying the finished cases at the next meeting.


Each affiliate is required to undertake an original investigation for presentation to our members. This investigation may be a literature review, a traditional thesis, or an in-depth study of interest to orthodontists. The thesis may be submitted for publication to The Angle Orthodontist.

Regular Membership

Candidates who have completed the case reports and thesis, with acceptance by the Clinical Evaluation Committee and a vote by the membership, are awarded full membership. Membership provides the full benefits and prestige of obtaining the highest level of distinction within the field of orthodontics and the responsibility to uphold the requirements of membership.

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