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Welcome to our Practice Pearls Page. Frequently our members are asked to present a tip, technique, or recommendation for a product that would be helpful in everyday orthodontic practice. There is a wealth of information, innovation, and practice experience within our membership. Please offer comments or submit techniques you feel have been helpful in your practice.

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Pontic Fabrication

Pontic Fabrication Presentation PDF

This is a technique I have done for a number of years. It is efficient, fast, and accurate in fabricating and placing a low-profile pontic replacing a missing anterior tooth. It has advantages over utilizing a denture tooth. There is ease of color matching utilizing restorative composite. The pontic is customizable to the width of the pontic space without the necessity of maintaining and selecting from an inventory of denture teeth. The contour is flat and does not impinge on the gingiva, nor does it require the time to contour a denture tooth to fit the space. From my experience, these pontics also have a much lower rate of bond failure when compared to bonded denture teeth. 
 ~ Michael H. Payne, DDS, MSD


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